Monday, November 4, 2013

portfolio Assignment wk 10

Tial Ling
Professor Tricia Lewis
Due date 23 October 2013
                                             Portfolio Assignment Week 10
            Technology changed the world in this new era such as commercial, culture and fashion, education and entertainment etc. For example, in last 20 years ago, Asia people for Mc Donald and cheese are awesome foods and bad person and gang wearing Jeans in people concept. Nowadays, there is no different between global south and north. You can eat Mc Donald and European foods in Africa, Asia also you can eat Asia food in wherever even Howard Community College cafeteria. You can see people worn jeans pend and sunglasses around the world. 
            Commercial industry also changed to opening store concept to online shopping for in the long run. Some small business is collapse from online commerce effect they don’t have no option to competition from online market prices due to hiring the labor and renting store. For example, Amazon and eBay is the most popular online shopping center. You can buy every item and even you can buy used and classical staff by online. So, most customers prefer to shopping by online because the price is cheapest than store price and very save time to driving to shopping center. When online shopping is rapidly growth up on the same time, the shipping and packaging company gets the huge advantages. For example, Fedex and DHL companies extended to open their business office in around the world and hired more employees. The shipping method also accurate and fastens such as you can track the order by online and to receive within 24 hours available post mails.

Last week classroom lecture note and Troy M. Grooms presentation.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Portfolio Assignment.wk.8"

Tial Ling
Professor Tricia Lewis
Due date 30, October 2013
                                               “Portfolio Assignment Week 8”
Today, there are  two kinds internet security. Human power and machine level such as surveillance camera CCTV, web cam etc...  Most of Internet security is the most important for individual through the governments and global concerned. So, what is the meaning of internet security? According to Clare Edwards, eHow Contributor,” said the internet can be a source of hidden dangers.  Security is a branch of computer security that deals specifically with internet based threats. This is a brilliant remark for every internet users. On last week, from my internet class, we are studying about “internet security such as firewalls, computer viruses, hackers and how do I know someone hacked my PC or how can I protect my personal information safely from fraud.
Let me discuss very interesting article about internet security from Forbes magazine on 2, October 2013 issue. As the article challenged about “Whom should you trust” because of internet security is all about trust at a distance. That was a good reason about trust because everyone can deal with remotely and not able to confirm identity or authenticity in the other property. Even your connections are secure, encryption and protect various security management things, computers servers’ hostage to allow cyber-criminals to be whoever they want to be.  So the best internet security is to protect your personal information of identity card, bank account, private confidential and change randomly E-mail account and password is better than firewall and anti-virus from fraud. Let me shared my personal experienced about my banks account. I always used to online because they are cheap and convenient to buying my text books and camera accessories. I can’t notice someone used my bank account without my permission; the bank technical teams block my account after, I learned someone swiped my account at the same time and different city at Network on the same  hour I used my card at HCC Maryland. Wow awesome.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Re summit.wk7. 3demo website

Tial Ling
Professor Tricia Lewis
Due date 15 October 2013
                    Week 7 Portfolio Assignment for Create Demo Three Websites
I’m decided to build up good grade point for my fall semester. Therefore, I moved on last week to near apartment of HCC campus. I try to concentrate my week 7 assignment to create three Websites.  Unbelievable, It was very interesting part and my favorite assignment works.  On Saturday nigh at HCC Duncan  Hall, I can’t notice the time passed is so fast; when I feel someone tapping my table, you only left the last person in tonight I will close the door now please leave, Wow that was 11:15 PM, HCC security officer said.      
I chose to build my own three Website for Yola, Homestead, and Wix free Websites. In generally, these three are free Websites and most are similar design and font basically. But they are still different design function and different creative type. One the same thing is you have to pay for to created your own domain name. Let me compare to Yola free Website. This Website is in 3 easy steps  address. Signup domain, design your Website and What kind of a Website you build it such as business or private use. First you have to pay your own domain name for $5. This Website has very limited mega pixel and video program. For example, you can upload each image not more than 5 MB, only 13 kind of fonts style you have design. It’ have contain Text, picture, picture gallery, Color Drive,HTML code, Horizontal, Custom homepage,  Google map YouTube forum online chat etc…
Homestead Free website also have the same ways as Yola as three steps to create by own Website. You have to pay domain name to start site builder for $4.99 per month. This website is easy to build and design what every you want. Let its compare Yola Web site or Homestead Website, I preferred to use Homestead because easy to upload any picture and video clips. This web site have multi font style and color functions. You can upload your images in Yola but you have to resolution each picture less than 5 MB and need to design picture gallery box.
Wix free Website is my favorite and easy to upload any media like picture, sound and video clip. Wix Website contains high volume of megabyte than Yola and Homestead. Web builder can cut and re-edit any picture. Multi design and can change any font and size.  I’m chosen my own Website for Wix. Its have more categories such as variety of temples, Business and service, Wedding& event, religion& non profit, Music and entertainment, Design& Fashion and easy to access other media link. Therefore, Wix Website is  better than Yola and Homestead free Website.
My three Website links: